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Days dedicated to European Heritage in the Temple of Light and Arts

Perform in the Temple of Light and Arts
Invitation for artists and performers to present their projects for Summer 2024

The "Your Heritage" Foundation (Poland) and "Ars Augusta e.V." (Germany) invite musicians, performers, ensembles and theater groups to present their projects for an eventual festival "Heritage: days in the Temple of Light and Arts" between June 15th and September 30th 2024.

What we offer

We offer the opportunity to perform your event in this unique magical ambience, as part of this first edition of the festival, as well as a documentation in fotos, video and sound recordings. 

How to present yourself

By the presentation of your project please state following details:

1. Title and short description

2. Number of the participating artists

3. Program and length of the performance

4. Offer for a fee (including travel costs and your needed overnight stays). We help with the organization, arrival and overnight stay in Zeliszów.

5. Short biography of you or your ensemble with contact, an eventual link to some performance (if you have) and a website (if available). 

Reccomended topics

For the first edition of the festival we would like to show projects that are connected to the important European cultural heritage. Some examples:

1. Music by Monteverdi, Händel, Gluck, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and composers of the Romantic and Classical period (like Chopin, Liszt, Schumann, Schubert) but also important contemporary music and female composers (Grażyna Bacewicz, Clara Schumann etc). Operas, Oratoriums, Dance performances and Recitals are welcome. In the venue we have the possibilty of a pianoforte, cembalo and amplifiaction of sounds in digital format.

2, Greek classical theater and famous masters of European Renaissance (like William Shakespeare or Jan Kochanowski) and Classicism or Romanticism (like Lessing, Goethe, Mickiewicz or Byron).

3. Modern formats and new technologies that represent the early heritage in a modern way. We apprieciate values like essentiality and economy of resources, the sustainability of production and the communication of values such as love for nature, humans and animals.

Please send your project ideas to under the keyword “Heritage Project” by April 20th. Thank you!


June-September 2024

Perła Żeliszowa/The Pearl, Żeliszów, Polen

The former Protestant church in the small village Żeliszów (former called Giersdorf) in Bolesławiec County, is a jewel of classicist architecture, probably designed and built by the famous Silesian architect Karl Langhans in 1798. Its elliptical shape and impressive series of wooden galleries give the interior of the monument a breathtaking beauty that attractes thousands of visitors from all over the world for years.

But it is the story of the rescue of this monument that makes the monument famous. 12 years ago it was a crumbling ruin, stripped of everything that resembled a church inside. Some young idealists have decided to save the monument. With small steps they saved what we now call their pearl. "The Pearl of Zeliszów".

The “Your Heritage” foundation has been working in a cooperation between Poland and Germany with Ars Augusta for years to find support and to fill this former place of worship with culture. They are thus a inspiring example of how European cooperation and love for cultural heritage can save this treasure.

At times when citizens are forgetting the beauty and value of our European cultural heritage, we would like to take an initiative: Every year we would like to invite musicians and performers from all over Europe to present some of the most important milestones of the European cultural heritage and invite citizens to reflect on it, in this beautiful rescued monument.. In addition to the performances there are also going to find place meetings with other NGOs, historians, monument protection specialists and people from business to think together about how we can prevent the decay of valuable heritage, and how to find new ways for a sustainable, nature-friendly and peaceful cultural experience in Europe.


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